Build an Education Ecosystem

Create an engaging environment virtually and in person to train and educate internal and external team members and stakeholders.

Dedicated Project Managers

Invest in Your Brand


Unify Your Audience

Stova’s products and services give you the power to flex no matter the size, location, or complexity of your event, bringing your teams together for seamless training and education.


Increase Engagements

Optimize each unique event touchpoint to make strategic decisions that increase attendee satisfaction and brand loyalty.


Drive Strategic Decisions

Centralize meetings data to drive cost avoidance across your company's portfolio of meetings. Access your data easily and enhance future trainings.


Protect Your Data

Put your data and privacy in good hands. Stova offers customers 3 different cloud hosting locations so your internal teams and stakeholders have peace of mind.

Deliver Bespoke Onsite Registration

Automate Registration & Check-In

Fully align your brand with registration categories that resonate to enhance attendee engagement and brand loyalty.

Spend More Time on Content, Not Registration

Deliver mobile-responsive and integrated registration solutions that share attendee data across your marketing automation software.

Train & Educate, Your Way

Create positive first impressions for your attendees as soon as they step onsite with streamlined check-in and cutting-edge badge technology, encouraging them to be in the right mindset to learn and engage with your training processes.

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Educate with Tools They Use the Most

Create a customizable mobile event app to keep your attendees engaged and informed during lessons.

Create Thoughtful Engagements

Bring attendees into your brand and certifications with smart gamification. Scavenger hunts increase attendee dwell time, inform on important policies, and award points for actions taken.

Connect Globally

Your training and education may span continents. Bring audiences together with sessions built for specific regions, language options, and more.

Notify in Real-Time

Your attendees never miss a certification lesson with time-sensitive push notifications sent right to their phone.

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Excite & Inform with Bespoke Marketing for Your Education Exercises

Run effective email marketing campaigns to promote your education and certification courses, expand your brand awareness, and fill your event with the right attendees.

Expand Your Reach

By integrating with your CRM and marketing automation software, track, measure, and plan for the right attendee, every time.

Promote Education at Every Step

If an attendee completed one lesson plan, ensure they know if there's an updated lesson or a related course they may be interested in. Smart matching by Stova ensures your email campaigns go to the right attendees.


Report & Enhance Training

Access valuable attendee data and event analytics that will enable you to personalize the event experience and better understand the professionals attending your exercises.

Analyze Data that Matters

Understand which sessions, exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers had the greatest impact on your attendees for the complete picture of event success, then expand your course offerings next time.

Support Your Onsite and Virtual Teams

Support for Every Event

Dedicated creative technologists help to build solutions for both in-person & virtual events including email invitations, event website, registration sites, surveys, mobile applications, and more. With exceptional attention to detail and client support, our Managed Services team aids clients in achieving their event goals.

Ready to learn more?

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