Enable Sales with Epic Event Solutions

Utilize tools that manage, automate, and streamline sales processes, from pre-event to post-event analytics, so your sales team can focus on the most important part of your business – your clients.

Amplify Event ROI Potential

Centralize Meeting Data for Sales Enablement


Gain Visibility

Customizable meeting request & approval workflows provide visibility into meeting activity and approval controls. Real-time insights help to identify risks and make corrections before it’s too late.


Increase Savings

Manage the entire venue procurement process from one dashboard, with powerful tools for procurement, negotiations, communications, reporting, and booking.


Budget Events Easily

Stova’s budgeting tools provide insight into financial information across your organization’s portfolio of meetings and events. Now, you can track spend, make accurate forecasts, and control budgets easily.

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Elevate Event Marketing & Sales Initiatives

Exceed sales goals with an end-to-end event management solution that provides the data that matters to your internal teams.

Automate Workflows for Event Promotions

Create and run successful marketing campaigns utilizing Stova’s automated workflows to promote your events, no matter the size or format.

Build Event Websites

Build event websites utilizing Stova’s provided templates for easy-to-use, scalable events, or create a fully custom, branded website for your events – and then use it again, and again.

Execute Email Marketing Campaigns

On-brand reminder and follow-up emails are easily set up with Stova’s automated workflows. This end-to-end technology integrates seamlessly with your virtual platform and/or onsite badging software, allowing your sales teams to provide information that’s useful to your attendees.

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Experience Data At Your Service

Better understand your audience’s habits with advanced reporting, providing valuable data to your internal team to enhance the client experience, every event.

Grow Sales Initiatives

Understand which event themes, session topics, sponsors, speakers, and more had the greatest impact on your attendee’s experience and kept the audience talking.

Utilize Data at Your Fingertips

Use high-intent offline data to segment, optimize and personalize your organization's digital content streams and sales messaging.

Improve ROI

Discover which events perform by utilizing all data touchpoints, built with your specific KPIs and event goals in mind.

Create Custom Reports

Attendee data is gathered during registration and check-in. With enhanced registration options from Stova, your attendee data can be customized and then separated into viewership, downloaded content, interests, job title, and more.

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Access Features that Attract & Engage (1)

Network & Engage for Improved ROI

Inform and engage attendees with a powerful mobile app and virtual event platform that personalizes the attendee journey.

Scale Communications

Give sales representatives the opportunity to scale communications with prospects attending your events in a one-on-one setting. Capture data with integrated surveys, notes, and chat, all with one digital lead retrieval tool.

Monitor Session Attendance

Capture face-to-face interaction data with Stova's onsite solutions and badge scanning, putting your sales team in the driver's seat. A variety of software is at your fingertips with scalable solutions for every event, no matter the size, budget, or format.

Connect Attendees

Connect attendees with like-minded individuals who share interests and access content curated just to taste with AI powered matchmaking that your internal teams can then use to personalize attendee recommendations.

Offer Content Variation

Pre-record your content with simu-live sessions and broadcast at your preferred time, encouraging interaction between your presenters and their live audience.

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