Create Engaging
In-Person Events

Stova's all-in-one event management platform elevates your audience experience, so they are immersed in an epic event. Our team helps you create events that leave a legacy, from ideation to execution.

Support Your Event, Seamlessly

Seamlessly Plan All Your Events with Stova


Tailored Event Experiences

Stova provides you with all the essentials you need to make planning more efficient and events more successful, creating a stronger experience.


Engage Your Community

Keep attendees engaged at all times of your event, whether in-person, hybrid, or virtual. Our solutions simplify your attendee journey.


Events That Leave a Legacy

Collect insightful feedback and connect with your attendees to understand what they really think — no matter where they are.


Data Trust & Security

Stova stays stringent on privacy protocol and offer three different cloud hosting locations to increase speed, data security, and compliance policies.

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Delight Your Attendees

Orchestrate the unforgettable with events that leave a legacy.

Launch a Mobile Event App

Keep audiences engaged with a mobile event app that gives attendees access to agendas, speaker bios, messages from one another, and more.

Deliver Robust Networking

Connect like-minded attendees with a powerful suite of networking tools

Keep the Conversation Going

Offer live Q&A and polling features to engage attendees with your speakers' content, giving every on-site or virtual attendee a voice.

Drive Revenue with Lead Retrieval

Make Every Moment Epic

From touchless check-in and badging to onsite mobile applications, we have the technology to impress attendees and provide safety and confidence in your event.

Create a Seamless Onsite Experience

Powered by NFC technology and fully integrated with our registration platform, our solutions make the check-in and badging process seamless and safe.

Understand Your Attendee's Movements

Track attendee movement throughout the event in the easiest, fastest way possible, helping you enforce capacity limits.

Drive Revenue with Lead Retrieval
Dedicated Project Managers

Onsite Support Team

Drive Seamless Event Management

Plan a seamless experience by building custom event registration sites, email invitations, surveys, and more.

Access 24/7 Support

Support teams provide clients and organizers with 24/7 support, anywhere in the world, on any Stova product or service.

Utilize Training Programs

Training programs featuring our arsenal of best practices to help encourage widespread adoption for your team.

Ready to learn more?

Whether your event is virtual, hybrid, or in-person, enhance your attendee’s journey with an event ecosystem built for your audience. Ready to walk through Stova's event technology solutions? Schedule some time with us today.