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The SAR, the largest male lineage organization in the U.S., consists of 50 state-level societies with more than 500 local chapters, several international societies (including Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom), and over 33,000 members. Prominent SAR members include sixteen U.S. presidents, U.S. senators and representatives, local business and community leaders, as well as foreign dignitaries such as Sir Winston Churchill, and Kings Juan Carlos I and Felipe VI of Spain.

SAR members have also answered their country’s call in every major American conflict beginning with the battle of
Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775, and continuing to the present day, including Operation Desert Storm, Bosnia, and the recent actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. SAR members have received the highest awards America can bestow, including the Medal of Honor.

Nationally:We work with other organizations in https://sar.org/furthering the understanding of the American Revolution such as The Smithsonian Institution & the King's College London Partnership and Georgian Papers Program.

Publications and Newsletters:
The SAR Magazine is the official quarterly publication of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.
We also have additional publications and newsletters which highlight some of the various SAR committees' work.
Our Veterans Committee's work with VA hospitals and service awards and our Veterans Recognition Committee's compilation of the SAR Veterans Corps and the SAR Veterans Bugle periodical.
Our Color Guard units' representation at events and ceremonies around the country and the production of the

SAR Color Guardsman quarterly e-magazine.

State and locally focused:
Our members give speeches and presentations at various SAR and/or civic events in our communities.
Each Chapter also participates in many other types of activity (see below).

Some of our Chapter Activities  

Come Join Us

You are invited to attend one of our monthly meetings.
We meet at 9:00 am, every third Saturday of the month
(except Jul and Aug, date and time may occasionally change).

Location: Johnny's At Fife, 5211 20th St East, Fife, WA
(near Tacoma), just off I-5 at exit 137 (Map below)

If you have decided to join the Alexander Hamilton Chapter and:
 1. You need assistance tracing your ancesters, contact our Genealogist.
 2. If you are ready to register and start a member application, Click here
 3. If you have a completed application, contact our Registrar.

Chapter President Viren Lemmer
Secertary Mike England
Vice President York Barrett
Genealogist Rodger Dent
How do I become a member you ask? You could follow the Genealogy Poster.
Or.... you could just contact our Genealogist or Membership Chairman.
If you are ready to register and start an application for the SAR Click Here for instructions.

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